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We are what we repeatedly do. – Aristotle

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An Extra Virgin Film

It’s a very extra virgin film—it just finished yesterday.  A film can’t get more extra virgin than that.  You can check out the first minute here at www.goldenharvestfilm.org

A 6,000 year old love story

It’s been a long journey, but anything to do with olive trees is eternal.  It’s also our heart.  That I figured out from everyone else— discovered in all the poetry and literature.  That’s what makes olive oil and olive trees so powerful, eternity and love.

Meeting Under The Olive Trees – Poem by Natasa Bajic

There, where we no longer exist
There, I will plant olive trees
To weaken the storms of the upcoming centuries
To protect the dreams of future dwellers
To guard the peace of sleeping martyrs
To satisfy the hunger of wild beasts
There, where the meaning unexpectedly ends
I will plant olive trees
For hope to win
And all the misfortunes I will convert
Into a million tiny olive branches
So Gods will be forgiven
So people will be forgiven

There, where no one exists any more
For all my ancestors
Instead of headstones
Will stand
They live for a thousand years
They became my religion
While I waited for you
To come to me yet again
To talk with me
Under the olive trees.

Tetralogy of our origins
Said little
Genealogical tree hurt
Our unborn children…
And while our next encounter
My vision of the olive trees
I dream ancestors
I dream offspring
Life is a big waiting room
Cards are dealt every seventh year
When you come back to me under the olive trees
Another you and another me
A new life and a new hope
Many new olive trees
Which are our prayers now
Will be our magic
Will be our destiny.

Translated from Serbian by Ivana Jeremić – Robinson


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